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Expo 2015 Service Areas

Concorso di idee per le Architetture di Servizio dell'Expo 2015 - Milan, Italy
3rd Prize

The elongated pitched roof shape of the building, reminds both the industrial and the agricultural tradition of Milan. The use of this section, is also supported by two factors: the reduction of the envelope and higher structural efficiency.
Thermo-hygrometric confort is achieved through natural ventilation, natural lighting and selective shading. The building envelope acts as a natural skin that protects, controls evaporation and regulates temperature. The skin is constituted by a double layer of multiwall polycarbonate sheets cladding, with interposed air chamber. In this cavity there is natural air circulation, due to the convective motion produced by the presence of openings in the top and the base of the casing. This helps to remove accumulated heat by solar radiation in the outer layer, also improving the wall’s thermal insulation properties during the winter period, and during night hours, maintaining the thermal inertia of the building.

with Nuno Marcos
Sustainability Consulting: Gonçalo Pinheiro
Structural Engineering: PRPC engenheiros
Electrical Engineering: Ohmsor
Thermal Behaviour: Ohmsor
Photo-Rendering: Paolo Maselli
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