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Despite the efforts made in the last years to redraw the city and its inhabitants relation with its river and the success of some of them, Lisbon still fails to take full advantage of the large urban void the Tagus river represents.
Before its water became so heavily polluted the river was a great place for swimming, since then people were forced to move to nearby beaches. Each summer, thousands of people make this daily commuting everyday. Bringing back the beaches and the ability to swim in the Tagus river would avoid the need for a daytrip to the beach, and contribute to the construction of a renewed relationship between Lisbon and its river.
This improvised beaches would consist of existing and currently unused barges regularly used for carrying freight or dredging waste, transformed to accomodate a swimming pool, a sandbox, a sun terrace and a bar on it’s deck as well as the necessary supporting services on it’s bilge. They would act as extensions to adjacent parks and gardens over the water by incorporating the practical needs and demands for acessibility, safety and programmatic flexibility.

Naval Engineering: João Bernardo Cardoso, J.Tiago Mendoça Santos (Navalrocha), João Rodrigues
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