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M Apartment

The apartment is in Miraflores, one of Lisbon’s suburban areas. It used to be a five person family home. Nowadays they are just two.
Due to its depth and bad sun orientation (north, northwest) it lacks natural light.
Since the apartment is often used for large family meetings, the project consisted on the demolition of several partition walls in order to transform/include almost all the space originally used in distribution areas, corridors and unused bedrooms into one large social area composed by the living room, kitchen and dining room. As a result of that the apartment’s spatial structure becomes clearer - social and private areas are ordered along two orthogonal axes. At the end of each axis a large mirror is used to dramatically increase perspective and reflect light.
Brighter and warmer materials, such as riga pine flooring, white wall and enamel paintings, as well as indirect light are used to intensify natural light.

Contractor: Obrisuki Construções
Photographs: Leonardo Finotti
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